Way Froward To Stop Hate & Extremism In Municipalities of Rajshahi Division

On January 29, 2024, a workshop titled “Way Froward To Stop Hate & Extremism In Municipalities of Rajshahi Division ” was held in the conference room of Singra Municipality in the joint initiative of Singra Municipality, Mayor Alliance for Healthy Cities and AID Foundation. Mr. Zannatul Fredous, Mayor of Singra Municipality presided over the workshop. Mr. Golam Kabir, Mayor of Dhamrai Municipality, General Secretary of Alliance was present as the main discussant. The meeting was moderated by Alliance Coordinator Abu Naser Anik.
Shagufta Sultana, PD of AID Foundation gave the welcome speech. A keynote speech by Gulmina Bilal Ahmad, Head of the South Asian Regional Hub of Strong Cities Network as a resource person, was broadcast. Natore Municipal Mayor Uma Chowdhury Jolly, Gurdaspur Municipal Mayor Shahnewaz Ali, Baraigram Municipal Mayor Majedul Bari Nayan, Banpara Municipal Mayor KM Zakir Hossain, Gopalpur Municipal Mayor Roksana Mortaza Lilly, Naldanga Municipal Mayor Moniruzzaman Monir spoke as special guests. Municipal councilors and municipal executive officers also participated in the meeting.
Mayors present in the meeting expressed their conviction that the honorable Prime Minister has taken zero tolerance against communalism, fundamentalism and extremism. Public awareness activities on its negative aspects will be conducted by creating a platform with local youth. In order to build a strong city, efforts must be made to ensure citizen participation in any decision-making process in the city. In the workshop, the two participating mayors shared the experience of the workshop of South Asian Regional Hub of Strong Cities Network held last year in August. The agenda of the workshop was:

1. What do we understand in the context of Bangladesh about hate and extremism? What role can we play as elected representatives of local government institutions in this regard?
2. Hate and extremism and other threats
Social cohesion and peace in cities: Mapping experiences
What can we do about our cities and communities?
3. How can local government leadership be involved and what role can they play in line with the programs adopted by the central government?
4. What we understand about the concept of Strong Cities
5. Adoption of future action plan based on today’s discussion



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